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Ready for Industry® Online Training Available Free to Registered Businesses, Individuals

July 10, 2024


In early July, Gov. Andy Beshear announced that Kentuckians seeking to enter the workforce now have free access to a new online learning program to help prepare them for good jobs in several high-demand industries.

Team Kentucky is offering free access to the Ready for Industry® program thanks to $5 million in funding awarded to the Education and Labor Cabinet through a federal Quality Jobs, Equity, Strategy and Training (QUEST) grant.

Each Ready for Industry® course is 15-20 hours of instruction designed to help jobseekers understand what it’s like to work in several high-demand industries, like manufacturing, health care, information technology, transportation, distribution and logistics and architecture and construction.

“Our economy is on fire, and Team Kentucky is committed to ensuring the record job growth we are experiencing has a skilled and ready workforce prepared to take on these new opportunities,” said Gov. Beshear. “This program will help many Kentuckians with the skills and knowledge needed to find a good-paying job in our rapidly growing job market.”

Ready for Industry® is designed to prepare individuals seeking work in high-demand industries by teaching them common terminology and workplace practices; career opportunities and job descriptions; current issues and trends; career pathways, education and professional certifications and workplace expectations. Throughout the learning process, participants will also have access to a support team to assist them with any questions or concerns.

Kentucky is only the fifth state in the nation to provide free, statewide access to the program. As a result, businesses, workforce development partners, educational institutions and other organizations across Kentucky are invited to take advantage of this no-cost opportunity to enhance the skill sets of their employees, job candidates and students.

“As Kentucky’s lead workforce development agency, our aim is to enhance the state’s economic landscape by developing a workforce that is not only ready but thriving in its respective industries,” Education and Labor Cabinet Secretary Jamie Link said. “Ready for Industry® provides an invaluable platform for our workforce to advance and excel in the highest-demand sectors. We are thrilled to provide this free resource as we stand with our employers and workers on their journey of growth and success.”

Organizations interested in becoming a Ready for Industry® partner can visit  ReadyforIndustry.com/KY to sign up for a free account or visit their local Kentucky Career Center to gain immediate access to the program’s resources.

Individuals interested in enrolling in Ready for Industry® courses can register through any participating partner, including local Kentucky Career Centers, workforce partners, or other participating businesses or educational institutions. To register, simply visit kcc.ky.gov and follow the easy steps outlined on the website. 

This fall, Ready for Industry® will further enhance its offerings with the introduction of National Occupational Competency Testing Institute (NOCTI) industry-recognized credentials for each sector. These credentials are highly respected and acknowledged across industries, providing participants with tangible proof of their industry-specific knowledge and skills that will enhance their employability and career prospects. This additional feature of the program further boosts its value and relevance to both organizations and individuals.

“Our mission with Ready for Industry® is to integrate industry-specific knowledge with educational paths seamlessly,” said Jerry Wooden, CEO of eDynamic Learning, the company behind Ready for Industry®. “Providing this program fully funded to Kentucky organizations reaches an even broader audience, ensuring that the future workforce is not just ready but excels in their respective fields.”

For more information on Ready for Industry® or to sign up for your free account, visit ReadyforIndustry.com/KY.