Increasing your bottom line is our top priority.

Multiple cost factors go in to determining a best-cost business location. Utility costs, taxes, wages and transportation costs are just a few of the more significant expenses. Fortunately for Taylor County companies, this is where we shine. From low natural gas, water and electricity rates to a revamped state tax climate, we offer a return on investment that makes good business sense.

On top of our all-around low business costs, Taylor County also boasts an affordability factor that is hard to beat.


With some of the lowest utility rates in the country, an abundant supply of water, electricity and natural gas resources, few locales can compete with all that Taylor County has to offer. Additionally, our utility service providers are active and engaged economic development partners. This results in pro-business, creative solutions to ensure your hard-earned profits don’t go down the drain. Contact us to tailor a custom proposal that fits your needs.



United States


Avg. Industrial Electric Cost Per KWH, 2021

Water (gallons per day)



Avg. Use




Sewer (gallons per day)



Avg. Flow




Heartland Commerce and Technology Park:

4″ gas line produces up to 85 MCF per day

Heartland Commerce and Technology Park:

Served by a 96 strand fiber optic cable


Thanks to a recent state tax code overhaul, our corporate partners now benefit from a lower tax rate. In July 2018, the corporate income tax was changed to a flat 5 percent rate, reduced from 6 percent for most for-profit companies. Additionally, taxes are now calculated using a single-factor formula based on sales. These changes, along with an already low local tax rate, further help boost a company’s return on investment in Taylor County.

Read more about Kentucky’s new tax code at the Kentucky Dept. of Revenue’s Tax Answers web page.

Corporate Income Tax

Sales Tax

Local Sales Tax

State Property Tax Rates Per $100 Valuation, 2021

Selected Class of Property State County City County Schools City Schools
Real Estate $0.119 $0.3105 $0.188 $0.599 $0.607
Manufacturing Machinery $0.119 $0.3105 $0.188 $0.599 $0.607
Pollution Control Equipment $0.119 $0.3105 $0.188 $0.599 $0.607

Source: Kentucky Dept. of Revenue

Kentucky Tax Exemptions

Built into Kentucky’s tax code are several tax exemptions for businesses. Some of the more significant exemptions include:

  • Machinery for new and expanded industry
  • Raw materials, industrial supplies and industrial tools
  • Items purchased for resale
  • Certified pollution control equipment
  • Containers, packaging, and wrapping materials used in manufacturing
  • Industrial supplies and tools used to perform a manufacturing process on another entity’s property
  • Energy and energy producing fuels, to the extent that they exceed 3 percent of the cost of production in manufacturing

Local Occupational License Taxes, 2021

Taxing Jurisdiction Tax Rate on Net Profits / Receipts
Taylor County $1.00% on net profits
Campbellsville $1.00% on net profits
School Districts N/A

* Taylor County and the City of Campbellsville levy the same percentage tax on payroll, which is paid by the employee.


In addition to our already low cost of doing business, we have the ability to partner with state and local governments to offer financial incentives, training grants and other financial inducements to further offset your cost of doing business. For a complete overview of available incentive programs, please refer to the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development’s Financial Incentive Overview page.