Making the dollar go a little further is always a good thing.

Who doesn’t want to get more for less? Whether it’s a higher return on a significant capital investment or being able to buy a little extra square footage in a brand new house, businesses and citizens in Taylor County and the surrounding labor market have a huge advantage when it comes to purchasing power.

In fact, a national index reveals that Taylor County offers a cost of living that is more than 10 percent lower than other locations around the country. Even better is the fact that our productivity and overall quality of life is second to none.

Cost of Living Index

Avg. Annual Salary Cost of Living Index (Base US) U.S. Purchasing Power
Taylor County $39,283 89.5 $43,905
Taylor County LMA $42,256 88.5 $47,748
KY $54,764 90.9 $60,240
US $68,501 100 $68,501

Source: JobsEQ (2023Q1)

Median Home Value

(Owner-Occupied Units)

Median Home Value Graph

Source: JobsEQ (2023Q1)


Taylor County


No. of Households


No. of Families


Median Household Income

Source: Applied Geographic Solutions & GIS Planning, 2023