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A Healthy Economy Begins At Taylor Regional Hospital

August 15, 2019


Having a regional hospital in the heart of Taylor County does more than provide high-quality healthcare to local residents. Its presence creates an economic ripple effect that can be felt throughout the region. With nearly 750 employees, Taylor Regional Hospital is making a profound impact on the communities it serves. Through job creation, healthcare innovations and collaborative workforce development initiatives, Taylor Regional Hospital is proving to be a catalyst for population and business growth.

Over the past five decades, Taylor Regional Hospital has established itself as a highly sought-after employer, generating an annual local payroll of $36.7 million in 2018 alone. As Taylor County’s second-largest employer, the hospital continues to invest in its people and facility to ensure it provides only the best in quality care and services.

With nearly 750 employees, Taylor Regional Hospital's presence is creating an economic ripple effect that can be felt throughout the region.

One of its most recent investments includes the acquisition of a XI da Vinci robot, a state-of-the-art surgical tool that allows the hospital to provide robotic surgery for its patients. A team of specialized surgeons now have the ability to perform robotic surgery for conditions related to urology, gynecology and general surgical needs.

Jane Wheatley, CEO of Taylor Regional Hospital, spoke about the advantages this new technology provides its patients and the hospital. “Robotic surgery has been shown to reduce recovery time and length of stay in the hospital. Having this capability in house will also be a great recruiting tool in the future as we look for additional providers for our area.”

Treating more than 2,447 inpatients in 2018, including welcoming almost 281 new babies into the world, Taylor Regional Hospital makes workforce recruitment and professional development a priority. Serving as a clinical rotation site for numerous professional/healthcare programs, hospital administrators routinely attend recruitment and job fairs to inform students about job openings and needs.

Topping the list of in-demand careers include RN’s, Radiology Technologists and Physical Therapists. To ensure it can meet the demand, hospital staff have played an integral role in the creation of multiple healthcare career pathway programs through the local school system. Most recently that partnership resulted in expanded programming at the Central Kentucky Career Academy, a newly remodeled facility that will house expanded programming directly aligned with industry demand in the region.

Wheatley pointed out that its workforce needs extend beyond nursing. “We employ staff in many different areas, not just nursing. We have accountants, coders, food service, environmental services and business-focused jobs as well. It’s important that we promote all skill levels for the development of our staff and community. We offer job shadowing opportunities for those interested in different fields of study. It is vital to our community and hospital to have a highly skilled workforce and the job opportunities for them to be able to stay in our community to work.”

A healthy community is not only good for individuals and families, it is good for business too. The presence of a dedicated community hospital in a rural area is an asset that increases the likelihood of more people moving to the area and businesses considering locating or expanding in the region.

This direct correlation is a key reason Taylor Regional Hospital’s CEO, Jane Wheatley, serves on the Campbellsville-Taylor County Economic Development Authority, the board that oversees Team Taylor County’s business growth strategies.

“As an engaged community partner and major employer in the region, it’s important that we play an active role in shaping workforce development and job-creation strategies,” added Wheatley. “We’re proud to serve this community and want to see it continue to thrive.”

For more information about Taylor Regional Hospital, visit www.trhosp.org.