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Trail Town Status Brings Breath of Fresh Air

August 18, 2020


In the midst of quarantines and healthy at home initiatives, Taylor County’s expansive trail systems have given residents a breath of fresh air, literally. More and more people are flocking to the outdoors to experience the beauty of nature and to escape the walls inside. Achieving certified Kentucky Trail Town status in 2019, Taylor County is demonstrating how to leverage its natural resources to create a quality of life asset for the entire community and visitors alike.

Taylor County is one of only 20 Kentucky towns to be designated as a state certified Trail Town, a program administered by the Kentucky Tourism, Arts & Heritage Cabinet. Its purpose is to recognize those communities that have made a commitment to share their area’s outdoor opportunities, culture, history and stories to visitors hungry for adventure. As a Kentucky Trail Town, Taylor County serves as an official gateway to the great outdoors.

“Taylor County has so much natural beauty and has put a lot of time and effort into making these natural resources accessible to residents and visitors,” said Scott Hess, vice chair of the Taylor County Trail Town Board. “We are thrilled to be part of the state’s certified Trail Town program. It was a very collaborative effort to make it happen, and we look forward to even more enhancements in the future.”

Whether visitors are seeking a casual stroll or a rigorous cycling trail, numerous diverse options await every skill level. Outdoor enthusiasts can experience lakefront views, bridges, paved and unpaved paths with varying elevation levels, cycling paths, horseback riding and more. Perhaps one of the most popular trail systems can be found at the Green River State Park. In all, more than 25 miles of trails are interconnected by approximately 15 unique trails. One such trail is called Lakeshore Trail, a one-and-a-half-mile loop that provides a lake overlook as is winds down to a spot on Green River known as The Point.

Another sought-after trail is the Trace Pittman Greenway, a 2.1 mile paved walkway stretching between Trace Creek Softball Field and the Osborne Soccer Complex in downtown Campbellsville. With little to no elevation, the trail is perfect for casual walkers just looking to get out and enjoy a stroll through town.

Hess said they’ve seen visits to Trace Pittman Greenway increase four-fold since the onset of the COVID crisis. The board is working to add extensions to the trail for further outdoor enjoyment. Taylor County’s Trail Town Board is comprised of both city and county appointees, demonstrating the collaboration between both city and county government.

For more information about Taylor County’s trail systems, visit https://campbellsvilleky.com/listing-category/trails-hike-mountain-bike-horseback-green-river-lake/. For more information about the state’s Trail Town certification program, visit https://www.kentuckytourism.com/explore-kentucky/trail-towns.