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We’re More than Shovel Ready, We’re Build Ready

August 18, 2020


Team Taylor County has taken the proactive step to make sure growing companies don’t have to choose between having a custom-outfitted building or moving in quickly. With Taylor County’s Build-Ready Pad Site, an industrial client can cut through the red tape and occupy a brand new 108,000 square-foot building on 10-acres of expandable property within a few short months.

Working with a local architect and construction firm, Team Taylor County provides interested companies with an approved site plan, preliminary interior and exterior architectural plans and color rendering for a proposed building. Additionally, a real cost estimate, construction plan and timeline are also available, expediating the decision-making process. Owned by the Campbellsville-Taylor County Economic Development Authority, the community has also outlined a versatile project financing plan to give the client options.

Fully equipped with all necessary utility lines, including gas, electric, water, sewer and broadband, the property has undergone extensive vetting. Environmental studies, including Phase I, Wetlands Delineation, Endangered Species and Archaeological have all been completed. Zoning and permitting hurdles have also been addressed.

Consultants and companies can also utilize free downloadable site files, courtesy of Kentucky’s Touchstone Energy Cooperative’s PowerVision Sites tool to do a virtual site visit like never before. Drone-generated CAD files, 3D video and aerial files for Taylor County’s Build-Ready Pad Site at no cost at https://dataispower.org/project/heartland-commerce-technology-park/.

“We know that technology and creative solutions are more important than ever to companies making long-term investment decisions,” said Ron McMahan, executive director and CEO of Team Taylor County. “By eliminating the bureaucracy within the pre-planning and construction phase, and by giving companies advanced tools and up-front information, we can essentially ensure companies get exactly what they want when they need it.”

Located south of Campbellsville on Highway 55, Taylor County’s Pad-Ready Site sits within the 173-acre Heartland Commerce and Technology Park. The Park is conveniently located equidistant between Kentucky’s largest metropolitans, Louisville and Lexington, as well as in close proximity to the Bowling Green area.

Thanks to the presence of Green River Lake, Taylor County offers an abundant supply of water with an excess daily capacity in its existing water and sewer facilities. “Because of this resource, the property would be a natural fit for a food and beverage or other value-added ag industry employer,” added McMahan. “Our goal is to utilize this site to further diversify our local economy by attracting a variety of advanced manufacturing industries.

For more information about the Heartland Commerce and Technology Park Build-Ready Pad Site, or any other available site or building within Taylor County, contact Ron McMahan 270-465-9636 or visit our Site and Buildings page at https://teamtaylorcounty.com/sites-and-buildings/.